It is estimated one in six couples have difficulty conceiving. We reveal the best 5 yoga poses that enhance your fertility and boost your chances of conception.

A key aspect of fertility is to initiate the relaxation response. Yoga helps us to achieve this state of relaxation through the connection of mind, body, breath and movement.

The mind-body connection has a huge impact on our fertility and reproductive system. When our bodies are stressed, we produce the hormone cortisol. Cortisol negatively affects our fertility by creating hormonal imbalance, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility and more. Research has proven that yoga can reduce stress.

Yoga for fertility is a series of specific postures that regulate and influence your endocrine system, increase blood flow and vitality to your pelvic region and improve nutrient supply to your reproductive organs. These specific postures not only restore physical and emotional health, they release muscle tension, reduce stress, boost fertility and increase your chances of conception.

Supta Baddha Konasana (Reclined Bound Angle Pose) is an essential posture for Yoga for Fertility. It is a gentle restorative posture that opens up the energy of our pelvic girdle, stretches out our inner groin and thighs, opens our heart and calms the mind.
The essence of this posture is to create space and openness both physically and mentally in order to prepare for conception.  When our legs are supported in this posture with bolsters, our hips are also supported.  With feet bound by the strap, the inner groin, belly and pelvic area can begin to soften.  The pelvic girdle is a part of the body where we store and hold emotions. There is a lot of connective tissue that forms a web of forgotten memories and repressed emotion. When we release tension in this area with breath, we allow circulation to flow.  Fresh blood can circulate into the pelvic region and reproductive organs.
The pelvic girdle is also the seat of svadhisthana charka the second energy charka.  It includes the hips, sacrum, genitals, lower back, womb and bladder. This charka is associated with the task of allowing emotional and sensual movement into our life. When we learn to open the energy of this charka and essentially go with the flow we can experience sensuality, sexuality, emotions, orgasms, intimacy and desire.
As you breathe into Supta Baddha Konasana you breathe into honesty, space, opening, persistence and commitment. Releasing tension breath by breath and allowing freedom of movement into the pelvis. We recommend to practice this pose during menstruation, ovulation and the 2 week wait.Yoga Pose 1 - Amanda


Vipariti Karani (Feet up the Wall): Place your pelvis on a pillow and put your legs up the wall. Viparita Karani is considered the “Jewel for Women in Yoga”. This asana is known as ‘inverted lake’ and is based on the belief that the blood and hormones circulate better through the body when it is inverted. It allows the pelvis to be above the heart and pools the energy like a lake in the pelvis, calming the heart and mind. For this reason, this posture is great to do after having sex. It allows blood to flow to your reproductive organs and calms the central nervous system, inducing the relaxation response along with restoring our body. This posture is benefical during your IVF cycle when under going ovarian stimulation. It helps alleviate bloating and distension. We recommend this posture during an IVF cycle, after egg retrieval and ovulation.

Yoga Pose 4 - Amanda

Paschimottanasana translates to intense stretch to west. This posture is a master pose in fertility yoga. It has an abundance of benefits physically, mentally and emotionally. 
Paschimottanasana stimulates the ovaries and uterus and strengthens the function of the entire reproductive system. It feeds oxygenated blood and life force to the pelvic region. This seated forward bend stretches the muscles at the lower back, hips and hamstrings. Forward bends induce a peaceful state of mind. When the heart and head are lower than the spine it calms the entire nervous system, reducing stress and alleviating depression. This pose can be practiced during all four stages of your cycle. We recommend during your period, follicular phase, ovulation and the 2 week wait.

Yoga Pose 2 - Amanda

Mandukasana (Frog) Mandukasana is essential in yoga for fertility. This pose stretches out the inner thighs, groin and hips. It is an intense posture that encourages deep breathing to open and release the groin. When the hips begin to release, there is increased and enhanced blood flow to the reproductive system. It opens the heart chakra and connects a direct flow of energy into the womb. You want to move energy through the reproductive organs to create a space that is inviting and receptive. In Chinese Medicine, “zi gong” is the uterus which translates to Women’s Palace. In Yoga, the second chakra (svadhisthana) translates to one’s own place. The second chakra relates to the water element. In Frog pose you can begin to visualize energy flowing, freely and smoothly. When energy flows through this chakra you can bring the sexual energy back into the into the reproductive organs. We recommend this pose during your menstrual and follicular phase. If doing an IUI or IVF cycle this pose is helpful during stimulated phase.

Yoga Pose 3 - Amanda

Balasana (Childs Pose): Balasana is an essential pose that enables the body to seek balance and to release tension. It relaxes and calms the mind and body while lengthening the entire spine. Initiating the relaxation response in this pose releases lower back tension, menstrual cramps, PMS and helps to normalize blood flow throughout the entire body. Visualize softness in the uterus and ovaries, allowing the flow of blood and energy to move without restriction or tension. We recommend child’s pose throughout your entire reproductive cycle. It is gentle and restorative.

Practicing these postures daily will help reduce stress and influence a healthy happy endocrine system increasing your chances of conception.


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