When you’re trying for a baby, every month can feel like a lifetime. By the time you’ve made the decision to go through IVF, chances are you’ve already been waiting a long time for your baby.

While IVF does help most couples improve their chances of conception, it’s important to remember that pregnancy may not be immediate. Even after you begin fertility treatment, for many couples there is still have more waiting to do.

The process is highly emotional, often challenging and complex, and when pregnancy doesn’t happen straight away it can particularly distressing. It is important to stay positive during the IVF process, especially if it is taking longer to conceive than expected.

In this informative webinar, experienced IVF and fertility specialists Dr David Knight (Medical Director) and Dr Sonya Jessup from Demeter Fertility delve deeper into the IVF process. They explain what’s really involved, how the embryo develops, reason’s why it may take time to achieve a successful pregnancy and what you can do to improve your chances and remain positive during IVF treatment.