It’s incredible the number of people I’ve met since I started egg donation. I had always thought my recipients would be couples who had left it too late. While that demographic do make up a portion of people looking, there are so many more people on the egg hunt.

The first egg recipient I met was a woman from Brisbane who had been trying on conceive for 20 years. She was diagnosed with early menopause and natural killer cell complex, which were not really known about two decades ago. She had an incredible impact on me. That was three years ago, and finally, after two marriages, multiple nieces and nephews, a lot of IVF clinic bills and a new found level of resilience, my friend, and first egg recipient I met, is heavily pregnant. I am so excited for her!

The following week I met another recipient in Melbourne. She had found her donor that week and she quickly became another great friend of mine. She is in excellent health and is an older mother. Her fitness and diet control put my younger self to shame. She delivered her beautiful daughter two years ago who is absolutely gorgeous.

After meeting these two stunningly strong women, I began going to meet ups where I could mingle with other donors and recipients. I found myself talking to gay couples who needed both an egg donor and a surrogate to have their families. Also single women who needed both an egg donor and a sperm donor. Another group of recipients are cancer survivors. When I met an egg recipient who was infertile from cancer treatments, it dawned on me that

 infertility is a disease that does not discriminate and could hit anyone at any time.

There are also medical conditions like Turner’s syndrome where the woman is born without the ability to conceive. Egg donation can enable these women to experience a healthy pregnancy and birth.  There were so many people who didn’t fit that stereotype I originally had envisaged.  Donating my eggs has and continues to be a wonderful part of my life