In this very personal webinar Sophie will share her story to support others who are struggling with infertility.

Sophie Sulehria is a BBC reporter.  She and her husband Jonny started IVF after being told they would not be able to conceive naturally due to Sophie’s endometriosis and low ovarian reserve.  But six failed rounds and forty thousand pounds later, the couple came to realise the treatment wasn’t working for them.  They knew they would need to consider other options if they want to have a family.

Sophie and Jonny have since decided to share their journey with Radio 4’s PM Programme.  “Our Fertility Journey” follows the couple as they meet people who have found alternative ways to have a child.  They have shared their experience in the hope that it will help others, and help them find another way to be a family.

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Our IVF Journey on BBC

What an important, warm-hearted, moving series on fertility struggles and alternative ways to have a child

Sophie Hardach – writer


It offers listeners a window into the tumultuous world of assisted reproduction and demonstrates just how pervasive the desire to start a family can be when attempts to conceive naturally fail.  It is open and honest and isn’t afraid to shine a spotlight on the darker emotions that can descend when future plans seem unattainable.

It is very easy as a listener to become invested in Sophie and Jonny’s journey and I would thoroughly recommend the series to anyone who has experienced their own fertility struggles.

Eleanor Taylor – BioNews

Listen to ‘Our IVF Journey on BBC Radio