Live webinar Wednesday 27th March 12:30pm AEST

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In this upcoming webinar I will be speaking with Dr David Sharkey about factors that improve a woman’s receptivity to fertilisation and the progression of a healthy pregnancy.

Dr Sharkey’s research focused on determining the identity of factors in male seminal fluid that are responsible for establishing maternal immune tolerance within the female tract in preparation for pregnancy and characterising how the female reproductive tract responds to the presence of seminal fluid, through a process referred to as seminal fluid signalling.

Dr Sharkey will be discussing his fascinating research and how these factors affect the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Dr Sharkey is a senior postdoctoral research associate within the Reproductive Immunology laboratory at The University of Adelaide’s, Robinson Research Institute. Since completing his PhD at The University of Adelaide in 2005, under the supervision of Professors Sarah Robertson and Robert Norman, he has continued his postdoctoral training within the Robertson laboratory where he has amassed almost two decades of experience in investigating how male seminal fluid interacts with the female immune system to prepare the female reproductive tract for pregnancy.

He is first author on key research papers demonstrating that after coitus, contact with seminal fluid elicits an immune response in the cervix of women. He is also a chief investigator on a recently awarded NHMRC project grant which seeks to determine the extent and significance of the link between factors present in male semen and the establishment of immune tolerance in women necessary for successful pregnancy.