In this episode of the Conceive Baby webinar I speak with one of Australia’s most highly respected fertility specialists, Professor Michael Chapman

Dr Chapman is the co-founder of IVF Australia.  He is a busy clinician who has personally been involved in fertility care resulting in over 3000 pregnancies.  His academic position enables him to be at the forefront of new advances in treatment which he applies in his practice at the earliest opportunity.

He has a high public profile due to his tireless efforts to ensure access to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) for all Australians, as a vocal patient advocate and senior medical academic training practitioners of the future.

Dr Chapman draws on his years of experience and research to give you the facts about IVF.

How does it really work?  What is involved?  How long does it take?  What can I expect?  What medical advances should I know about?  What are my options?

All these questions and more are covered in this informative webinar.