Infection is proving to be an often overlooked factor when it comes to unexplained infertility.

In this episode of the Conceive Baby Webinar Series, I speak with Elizabeth Mucci about the role of infection in fertility.

We discussed common infections, causes, tests and treatments as well as natural killer cells and the immune system plus practical advice and insights to help you identify whether infection may be playing a role in your fertility.

Elizabeth Mucci is a scientist, nutritionist and herbalist with a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and over 18 years experience as a clinician and teacher.

Elizabeth has helped thousands of patients start their families, manage chronic illness, lose weight, gain hormonal balance and overcome a range of unresolved health issues.

The combination of Elizabeth’s education in science, nutrition, herbal and reproductive medicine along with her close work with a number of Sydney’s top Fertility Specialists has provided her with a unique perspective on hormonal and reproductive health.

You can find out more about Elizabeth at her website