There are around 1000 endocrine disrupting chemicals in our environment right now. Research shows these toxins ARE effecting our fertility.  Not only are they effecting our ability to fall pregnant but they are increasing our risk of miscarriage, effecting our chances of a healthy pregnancy and impacting the long-term health of our children. And you are most likely using them everyday.  So how do we reduce our exposure?

In this informative webinar I speak with Building Biologist, Healthy Home Expert, media spokesperson, best selling Author and CEO of the Australian College of Environmental studies Nicole Bijlsma who gives us the facts the big companies don’t want you to know, about the reality of the chemicals that are in household products and how you can make the best choices to reduce your exposure today.

Nicole’s top tips for reducing your exposure

  • Avoid pesticides! Go organic wherever possible
  • Avoid tinned foods. Tins are lined with BPA
  • Avoid pizza boxes and greaseproof surfaces
  • Avoid antibacterial hand wash and cleaning products. Diverse bacteria in household dust is actually beneficial.  Antibacterial agents destroy this natural bacteria
  • Use simple Microfibre cloths for cleaning or choose plant based, food grade cleaning products
  • Use a good vacuum cleaner with a filter
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid perfumes and fragrances
  • Avoid make-up
  • Avoid plastics.
  • Don’t freeze or heat food in plastic. Store in glass or Corningware
  • BPA free. Doesn’t mean safe!
  • Avoid takeaway containers
  • Avoid fragranced body butters, lotions etc.
  • Be mindful that anything you put on your skin is absorbed directly into the blood stream.
  • Look for natural food grade skincare and cleaning products
  • No fly sprays or insecticides
  • Ensure your gut health. A healthy gut supports healthy detoxification
  • Avoid WiFi. Use a cable wherever possible
  • Avoid putting mobile phones to your ear, use an ear piece.
  • Men should not keep their phone near their reproductive organs
  • Avoid cordless phones which have the same effect as mobiles

For all these tips and more, watch this informative webinar or listen to the podcast where Nicole shares the dirty secrets the big companies don’t want you to know about household products as well as providing practical tips and advice to help you improve your chances of conceiving and carrying a healthy baby.



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