In this informative webinar, IVF and fertility specialists Dr Natasha Andreadis delves into the future of medicine. Genetics and Personalised medicine. Natasha explains what personalised medicine really is. How genetics impact hormones, metabolism and fertility, how she uses genetic testing to optmise fertility outcomes in her patients and how you can too!

Dr Andreadis is a Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist in Sydney, Australia. She has also trained in genetics, nutrition and health coaching. She is an Expert on Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar 8 week Program. Natasha is experienced in managing a wide range of fertility issues such as endometriosis, ovulation issues, miscarriage, unexplained infertility and PCOS.

She is expert at fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI and genetic testing of embryos and is a practitioner with Genea, World Leaders in Fertility.

Natasha believes that food is medicine and enjoys lifestyle coaching women and couples who are trying to conceive. In order to help boost natural fertility, she advises on pre-pregnancy diet, which may vary depending on a patient’s medical condition and genetic make-up.

Dr Andreadis also has her own YouTube channel –Dr Tash TV, where she highlights the importance of diet, lifestyle, nutrition and environment when trying for a baby.