You want to know something funny? I have been writing health editorials every fortnight for a newspaper for 3 years. I regularly blog on social media and rarely have trouble coming up with a topic to discuss. I have been a practising Naturopath for 11 years, the last 5 of them has seen me specialise in women’s health, fertility and pregnancy.

But I am sitting here on my computer, feet in the sand at the beach, no kids to distract me and I am really struggling to find a topic that will do what I want to convey to you all justice. I could, and will discuss in conditions in depth, I will discuss specific fertility nutrition, herbs and nutritional medicines, but what I really wish I could shout out to all women, men and couples trying to conceive is that there are SO SO many things you can do beyond the medical realm to improve your fertility.

Now let’s clear something up first. I am very medically minded, ordering and reviewing blood tests is routine for my patients in my thorough assessment, almost ALL new patients will be referred to a great GP for more thorough medical assessment and diagnosis. I taught in the the School of Medicine with Deakin university in a tutoring capacity for first and second year medial students for 3 years. Taking a swipe at Dr’s and the medical profession is NOT my thing, ask any of my patients. We all have our jobs to do and we all have our training and expertise to execute. How I wish there was more unison and communication, but I will save that talk for another day.

What I would like to say however, is that many of us navigating our fertility journeys are lead to believe that medicine is the ONLY way to conceive if it has not been happening for you naturally. That your nutrition, diet and general health have nothing do with your ability to conceive. Have you been told that too?

Let’s take a look at some basic biology……. Our cells require vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes as well as macro nutirents such as fats, protein and carbohydrates to survive, function and thrive. Whilst the body does make some of those on its own, many of those nutrients MUST come from food. And those that that body can self manufacture require dietary nutrients to be metabolised and detoxified.

So food kinda does have a role to play, don’t you think? Oh and lets not forget the effects of plastics, chemicals and toxins have on our hormones. You know where you find them? Have a look in your laundry, kitchen and bathroom cupboards. Plastics, glad wrap, toxic cosmetics and cleaning products that not only end up on your skin, but in our water ways that provide food for us to consume.

Talking to a Naturopath or Nutritionist is so important in working out the right nutrition for you and your body depending on your unique requirements.

Lets talk pathology. A thorough medial once over is essential ruling out or identifying potential road blocks in your fertility journey. Basics like iron studies, vitamin D levels, thyroid function and auto immune screening. Hormones testing on appropriate days of your cycle. These things MUST be done.

You mood, energy, digestion, sleep, diet and hormone balance are incredibly important factors in your fertility. In my opinion, this is a HUGE factor in fertility.

I urge you to take yours and your partners health into your own hands, look after your bodies, clean up your nutrition and environment and get some naturopathic advice from someone that is equipped to help you in this area. Take some from column A and some from column B. Be your own biggest advocate and detective. Trust your instinct.