In the last Conceive Baby Webinar I was fortunate to interview Dr. Lora Shahine, who’s new research into diminished ovarian reserve is breaking new ground in helping to further our understanding about the causes and prevention of miscarriage.

Diminished ovarian reserve is a general term referring to a reduced number of eggs and egg quality available for reproduction.  This usually occurs as women age and are coming to the end of their reproductive years.  Although testing is not definitive for predicting natural conception, laboratory values are used in counseling women about their reproductive options.

Testing for ovarian reserve is not currently common practice for evaluating patients with recurrent pregnancy loss, but Dr Shahine’s research shows a link between diminished ovarian reserve and recurrent miscarriage.

To hear more from Dr Shahine about her research and how it affects miscarriage and fertility, watch the full webinar below.  You can also read more from Dr. Shahine in her book Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Recurrent Pregnancy Loss available on Kindle or in print from Amazon.