The Psychology of Fertility – Why the mind matters
12:30 pm to 1:10 pm

Psychology, at this point in time is largely a small time player, often neglected in the field of fertility and conception. Many people focus purely on the physical state of their wellbeing and the process when trying to conceive. With 30-40% of couples experiencing problems trying to have a baby it is important to acknowledge the role other components may have that can impact or more importantly assist in the conception process.

Looking at conceiving from a psychological understanding isn’t solely about stress reduction. It also encompasses the importance of mindset and the impact our thoughts, beliefs and actions can have on the conception process.

This certainly does not equate to a belief that this is “all in the head”.  It is about respecting and acknowledging that our mind and body are highly intelligent and work together.

In this informative webinar, fertility psychologist Cath Corcoran explains the mechanism behind the mind body connection, how it impacts fertility and how you can use the mind positively to improve your fertility outcomes.