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Staying calm during the first 12 weeks

If you’ve just conceived it’s usually a happy time but may be tinged with feeling anxious about the development of your baby, especially if you’ve taken a while to get here or if you’ve suffered a previous pregnancy loss.  Typically the stress and worry builds up before each scan and then a feeling of relief floods through you at the scan; but often this relief is short lived.  What you can do to take back control, is to to take steps to change the storyline in your head. You may have noticed that the negative story we tell ourselves...

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FAQs About Egg Donation – A Donor Perspective

  How much are you paid? This is almost always the number question. As you may know, it’s a reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses but not an outright payment or compensation for your time and efforts. I use to be pretty offended by this question because it insinuated that I was driven purely by cash, but now I’ve come to understand that it’s a common question because people are very influenced by America where third party donation is a paid procedure. Does it hurt? I can only discuss my own experiences here because pain in so subjective....

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Effects of caffeine, alcohol and smoking on reproductive outcomes

Caffeine Your daily coffee may play a bigger role in fertility than you may think. Recent research showed that women who drink more than one cup of coffee per day are only half as likely to conceive as those who drink one cup or less per day. Women who drank in excess of 2 – 3 cups per day were nearly five times less likely to conceive compared to women who drank no coffee. The more coffee consumed the more the chances of conception reduced. High caffeine intake is also associated with an increased risk of early miscarriage. Women...

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