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The Menstrual Cycle

The female body is an amazing thing!  Each month, from millions of tiny follicles, we produce one mature egg ready for release at ovulation.  This egg carries genetic material perfectly designed to match with the genetic material in sperm.  This perfect fusion then has the ability to conceive and grow into another human being. For this amazing cycle of events to take place, and conception and pregnancy to occur, we need the menstrual cycle.   Commonly referred to as your period, rags or ‘that time of the month’, the primary role of the menstrual cycle is to not only...

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Staying calm during the first 12 weeks

If you’ve just conceived it’s usually a happy time but may be tinged with feeling anxious about the development of your baby, especially if you’ve taken a while to get here or if you’ve suffered a previous pregnancy loss.  Typically the stress and worry builds up before each scan and then a feeling of relief floods through you at the scan; but often this relief is short lived.  What you can do to take back control, is to to take steps to change the storyline in your head. You may have noticed that the negative story we tell ourselves...

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Keeping the Intimacy Alive

In last week’s webinar, I spoke with couples therapist, sex therapist and sexologist Isiah McKimmie, who provided her expert tips on one of the important but less discussed sides of infertility, intimacy.  Below, are Isiah’s 5 top tips to help you keep the intimacy alive and really enjoy the baby making. 1. Keep general intimacy and connection alive. Remember to stay focussed on each other as partners and lovers. Keep focussed on your long term goal of being a loving family. Why did you want to become a parent with this person? What kind of nest do you want...

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Are you speaking your partners love language?

I recently discovered the ‘Five Love Languages’, conceived by family counsellor and author Dr Gary Chapman.  As I read more about the concept I realised how useful it is to understand your own and your partners love language.  Particularly when relationships can be put to the test during infertility. Although, we do generally cover most if not all these aspects of affection at some point, discovering what you most relate to and what your partner most relates to can have a wonderful impact on the ability to communicate more effectively with your partner. As I discuss with couples therapist, sex...

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Miscarriage – Proactive Prevention

Pregnancy loss or miscarriage is always heartbreaking, no matter how early or late your loss occurs. The loss of a pregnancy is both physically and emotionally stressful, especially when faced with the devastation of recurrent pregnancy loss (three or more miscarriages). Feelings of loss, grief, fear, guilt, anger and disappointment are all very common and complexly understandable. In addition to a lot of tender loving care, counselling and reassurance, it is important to have thorough investigations to try to understand the big question of why and why us? Recurrent miscarriage is defined as three consecutive pregnancy losses prior to 20...

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