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All About Ovulation

How it works The basics are, that at ovulation, an egg pops out of your ovaries (or multiple eggs in the case of multiple birth), travels down the fallopian tubes and heads for your uterus.  You may experience some symptoms at the time of ovulation, such as slight pain on one side or extra hunger or mood swings, however for most people the whole process of ovulation happens with very little, if any obvious signs.  In reality, there is a complex chain of events occurring within your body which as necessary for the whole ovulation process to run smoothly....

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How does reproduction happen?

Ok, so we’ve been taught about the birds and the bees, we’ve learnt that babies don’t come from the cabbage patch, we know that egg plus sperm equals baby, but what is actually happening within your body when conception occurs? Women are born with around 1 million potential egg,s which are called follicles.  This number decreases to around 300,000 – 400,000 by the time menstruation commences at puberty.  From then on, during each menstrual cycle, one dominant egg (or in rarer cases multiple eggs) is released from the ovary to begin its journey down one of the fallopian tubes...

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Why does IVF success increase with multiple cycles? Research explained

You may have seen the recent research published in The Medical Journal of Australia and ABC News yesterday showing that women who go through multiple rounds of IVF have a significantly higher chance of having a baby. Why is this the case?  Is it just a numbers game?  So long as the egg and sperm are put together resulting in a healthy embryo which is transferred to a healthy womb, then changes of a healthy pregnancy should be pretty good.  Right? The fact is there are many more factors at play.  As Conceive Baby Expert Panellist Dr Sonja Jessup, succinctly...

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The Importance of Choline in Preconception

Fertility Tip #1 – National Fertility Week UK – Boost your Choline intake For those of you who saw the wonderful interview with Professor Marie Caudill, here is a brief overview and the best food sources as discussed.  If you missed the webinar, be sure to watch the replay below and get your copy of Choline The Vital Prenatal Nutrient – Your Ultimate Guide. What is choline? Choline is an essential nutrient, which is involved in the development, structure and function of every cell in our body.  It is particularly important in brain development. Why is choline important during...

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New AMA recommendations for prenatal supplementation

The American Medical Association (AMA) have release new guidelines for proper prenatal supplementation. Vital for healthy brain development delegates at the recent AMA Annual Meeting 2017 voted to support evidence-based amounts of choline in all prenatal vitamins.  With most prenatal supplements providing little if any choline, majority of women are lacking in this important nutrient, according to data cited in a resolution adopted by the AMA House of Delegates.  Inadequate choline levels are shown to negatively impact brain and cognitive development as well as being linked to neural tube defects. So, what is choline? Every cell in our body...

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