Author: Tasha Jennings

Infection and Fertility

Infection is proving to be an often overlooked factor when it comes to unexplained infertility. In this episode of the Conceive Baby Webinar Series, I speak with Elizabeth Mucci about the role of infection in fertility. We...

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Is Sugar Affecting Your Fertility?

Most of us know that too much sugar is generally not great for us. We shouldn’t be eating too many cakes and lollies because it contributes to weight gain and inflammation. In this webinar, we look beyond the diet. Beyond...

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IVF Explained

In this episode of the Conceive Baby webinar I speak with one of Australia’s most highly respected fertility specialists, Professor Michael Chapman Dr Chapman is the co-founder of IVF Australia.  He is a busy clinician who has...

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Finding Meaning Through Infertility

It was such a pleasure to speak with Jessica Hepburn, one of the leading patient voices on fertility, infertility and assisted conception. Jessica has also just been named this week’s Woman of the Week in Stylist Magazines...

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