Author: Gina Fox

Staying calm during the first 12 weeks

If you’ve just conceived it’s usually a happy time but may be tinged with feeling anxious about the development of your baby, especially if you’ve taken a while to get here or if you’ve suffered a previous pregnancy loss.  Typically the stress and worry builds up before each scan and then a feeling of relief floods through you at the scan; but often this relief is short lived.  What you can do to take back control, is to to take steps to change the storyline in your head. You may have noticed that the negative story we tell ourselves...

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5 steps to take before IVF

Trying to conceive takes time and once you’ve made the decision to have a baby frustration, impatience and sadness are just three of the emotions that can grow with each menstrual cycle that passes. It’s worth reminding ourselves that we have a 20% chance of conceiving in any one cycle and that 80% of couples will be pregnant within 12 months. Having that longer term view and doing things to improve your chances of conceiving can be a good focus while you wait. This impatience for results and lack of understanding about timing is one of the reasons many...

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How daily stress can disrupt ovulation and impact fertility

The effect of stress can be different for each of us and just because you don’t feel stressed doesn’t mean that you may not be affected; the very busyness of our daily routines can result in constantly raised stress hormones such as cortisol. In the busyness of life, often juggling home and work pressures, we can spend more and more time in the ‘fight or flight’ mode of being.  This means our circulation and energy is being directed to our brain and muscles and away from our non-essential organs like the reproductive system. The effects of stress on the...

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