Mothers Day.  A joyous day honour the role of Mothers all over the world.  Happy families flood our TV screens, shops, magazines and social media; smiling faces, flowers and breakfast in bed.  Unfortunately these joyful images can be a painful reminder of your struggle to become a Mother.

Here are some tips to help you approach the day with a more positive outlook.

You are not alone

With such a focus on all the Mothers around you, it can be easy to feel isolated, like you are the only one yet to start your family.  In reality 1 in 6 couples struggle to become parents, so you are definitely not alone.  Reach out to your partner, friends, loved ones who know and understand your struggles or perhaps those who are experiencing similar difficulty. 

Be kind to yourself

You are quite likely to experience a roller coaster of emotions.  Be kind to yourself.  Give yourself permission to cry, shout or withdraw a little of you need.  You don’t have to put on a brave face all the time.  It’s ok to allow yourself to experience these feelings, even wallow in them a little.  Just don’t unpack and live there!  Cry it out, give these feelings the time and attention they deserve (and no more!) then refocus on where you are heading.

Honour yourself and your journey

Be proud of how far you have come.  We can often spend so much time looking ahead at how far we have to go, we forget to appreciate how far we have come.  Be proud of the positive changes you have made as well as the struggles you have already faced and overcome.

Change that voice in your head.  Instead of saying or thinking, “I’m a failure because I can’t get pregnant,” (which I know I did a lot when I was trying to fall pregnant) turn that around to say “I’m doing everything I can to nurture myself and my future baby.”  And if you are reading this article you know that’s true.

Focus on all the love you already have in your life

Whether it be your partner, friends, family or even a fur baby.  Appreciate all the love in your life.  In times of frustration it can be easy to take it out on the ones we love.  Instead, turn towards them, allow them to give you the love and support you need.

Reward yourself

Yes you deserve it! Buy yourself a gift, enjoy a massage or simply indulge in a sleep in with a good book.  You deserve to reward yourself today.